Breaking the ice
??. Questions I can answer: clarifying the product, company culture, engineering teams, what I do, etc

Phone Screen
??. Steve Yegge's phone screen

Systems design
??. Design a permissioning system for a web app. Users and groups and items.
??. Design an elevator system to count the number of visitors per day. N elevators X floors.
??. Implement a system to generate suggestions for search engine
??. What happens when you type "" into your web browser.
??. Implement malloc
??. Implement a paste-bin service
??. LRU cache
??. Implement a partially persistent stack. O(number of elements) print per version. O(1) push and pop. You can only edit the most recent version.
??. Paginate an input string into separate text messages of max N characters
??. Implement a hash map
??. Implement a diff system you could use for git
??. Merging in version control / Google Docs

Algorithms (not a fan of using these)
??. (H) Merge k sorted lists (can start with 2 and see if they can extend)
??. (M) Return the number of numbers from 1 to N that have 7 as a digit
??. (M) Angle between minute and hour hands.

Meme Question
??. You want to cross a 1mi bridge in 1 min. You've crossed half the bridge at 30MPH. How fast will you need to drive to cross the rest of the bridge?