Phone Screen
??. Steve Yegge's phone screen + a question on recursion/pointers

??. On a scale of 1- 10, how lucky do you think you are? Why?
??. I'm going to say the beginnings of three sentences. I want you to complete them with the first word that comes to mind. Reference Check
??. What would you rate $$PERSON$$ from 1 to 10? What could they do to get the remaining $$10 - RATING$$ points?
??. What do we need to do to set them up for success? (tactical) ht @provisionalidea
??. Where did they show the most growth? (before, after, what did that growth look like) ht @provisionalidea
??. What was their approach to resolving conflicts (get an example) ht @provisionalidea
??. What was their biggest accomplishment in the role (be precise) ht @provisionalidea

Open Ended Questions
??. Paginate an input string into separate text messages of max N characters
??. Design a permissioning system for a web app with users and groups and items.
??. Implement a hash map
??. Implement malloc
??. Implement a paste-bin service
??. Implement diff
??. Merging in version control / Google Docs. CRDTs.
??. Implement a regular expression parser that supports "." and "*"
??. What happens when you type "" into your web browser
??. Design a persistent stack. It maintains a version counter which starts at 0. On every push or pop operation, version is incremented by 1. Expected time complexity:
  1. Push, Pop - O(1)
  2. Print - O(Number of elements in given version)
??. Copying a file to a large number of destinations through a slow link. [At ITA, the file was the airlines' seat availability record, that really indicated which price points on each flight could be offered for sale right then.](
Algorithms (not a fan of using these)
??. (H) Merge k sorted lists
??. (M) Return the number of numbers from 1 to N that have 7 as a digit
Meme Question
??. You want to cross a 1mi bridge in 1 min. You've crossed half the bridge at 30MPH. How fast will you need to drive to cross the rest of the bridge?