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Micro and Macro Views of a Company

June 7, 2020

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Macro level:

Micro level (I want this list to be as comprehensive as possible):

You will never truly know what the micro level is like until you work at the company, but it probably is more tied to your happiness than the macro level is.

It’s easy to do a first pass on whether you will bother applying to a company based on the macro factors. I ultimately reject employment offers because of lack of confidence in the quality of the micro level metrics I’ve listed above.

The lower on the list the micro metrics are, the less they matter, so I’m unlikely to reject a company because of relatively worse health care benefits. Frankly, if I’m comparing offers and I’m down to counting pennies on how much I have to pay for health care, I’ve probably gotten distracted from the more important considerations.

The people micro metrics are high because when it comes down to it, people are everything (I don’t have a great argument for why this is the case…The best example I can give for why people matter more than what you are doing is that you could be shoveling horse manure in some sticky, hot as heck tropical country and still be happy because you’ve got the right crew working with you.). The world runs on people. People can block or enable you. They are what you should have loyalty to (and what will have loyalty to you). I’ve been on enough teams and done enough interviews to have what I’d like to believe is a pretty good sense for whether the people I’m interviewing with are worth my energy and skill and lunchtime banter contributions.