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Throwback Thursday

July 18, 2019

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I was going through some shelves yesterday, trying to find old things to throw away, when I came across a green notebook from my middle school years. I opened it up, expecting to find some illegible stream of consciousness from my 13-year-old self, but I found my old comics instead. I don’t have many of my comics left…I used to draw them on my homework and hope for additional attention from teachers in the form of notes on the drawings. At some point, a classmate got interested in my comics and would rate each day’s drawings while we graded each other’s in class spelling quizzes. That classmate commissioned a deck of comics for her birthday, but I never completed it. My mind went blank when writing the comics. I wanted to include each of the 20+ characters I’d made…that turned out to be a huge mess I could not keep track of. I presume she’s entirely forgotten about that incident and about me by now (it was in middle school).

I stopped drawing these comics after 8th grade, I think. That’s at least where the trail stops cold. I think I’ll pick up the comic hobby again, since I have strong nostalgia *.* for these characters and because it was just plain fun.

Anyway, here’s a page with most of the characters documented