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Planned Taco Run

July 12, 2019

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Last year was midnight donuts. This year, learning from from how the previous year’s experience on how saturating sugar can be, was supposed to be a taco run. What went wrong?

What went wrong was that I underestimated my ability to quickly metabolise omakase….no, that’s not the right way to say it…I was stupid and ate a big meal before the tacos run.

I went with two of the taco run adventurers for omakase at Sushi Kimagure Ike in Pasadena, near the gold line station. All three of us got the Hana option, which was a delightful mixture of fish and soy sauce and rice (is this facetious enough?). No, really, for $90, the food is delightful. All I will say is that after one night of sushi, my appetite for the Japanese delicacy is sated for a month.

The owner of the store is very nice and likes to play jokes on his customers. The store is small, so you may find it nice to place a reservation. Do try to sit at the bar. That’s where you get the most experience out of being a sushi restaurant.

One of the taco run sushi attendees was freaking out about the US’s new requirement for social media information from visa applicants. Privacy is the new commodity. I read a brilliant article recently about the environment and how we work so hard to get back things we destroyed and how privacy is now in the same category of depravity as the environment…cannot find it. Would greatly appreciate if someone found it and sent the link to me…on a blog with a fish as the logo?

Anyway, the taco run was abridged and we just went to Plancha Tacos in Venice. We chose this location because three of the five taco run attendees thought Plancha Tacos had the world’s best taco, in the form of their tiger shrimp taco ($4?). I’ve had this taco before, and while it is pretty tasty, I don’t think I can say that tacos are all that spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, I like tacos. I will go out of my way to find taco joints. But taco will never be a gourmet food. They’re always too dry, too flavorless, too full of hard meat, too this too that to really be the pinnacle of what I’ve put on my palette.