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Food Journal March 4, 2019

March 5, 2019

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Yesterday evening, I went back to a new favorite of mine in Pasadena: Miss Cheese Cafe. This is a new place that opened just over a month ago, at the corner of Cordova and Arroyo Parkway.

A little history on this location. It’s been through 3 business changes since I matriculated at Caltech in 2015. First, it was Flour and Tea. Yes, the same Flour and Tea that is on Lake and serves Poke. Flour and Tea used to have both locations, but the Cordova location only had drinks and desserts like cookies and bread. Then it was Oh My Pan bakery. I remember going there once with a group of friends for the brick toast in the morning and leaving because they wouldn’t have it ready until 11am. We ended up going to Amara for brunch, which was a fantastically delicious and filling choice. And now the location is Miss Cheese.

A quick look at Google Street View shows that Flour and Tea actually had the location for almost 4 years before it got handed over to Oh My Pan in 2016. Oh My Pan had the location for about 3 years before it became Miss Cheese in Jan 2019. I don’t have a good sense for how stable food businesses should be, but this turnover feels fast. One of the major issues with the location is its poor visibility. It’s absolutely impossible to see until you’re right next to it when you’re heading north on Arroyo Parkway. The intersection of Cordova and Arroyo is a dead end into Public Storage. The sign is hard to see even if you’re going West along Cordova or south along Arroyo. It’s far away from all the other foods and shops on Colorado and Green Street. Overall, this corner is a very tucked away, nondescript couple of square meters that you’re likely to be intrigued by then forget immediately as you drive off to your more exciting location.

I don’t work for Miss Cheese, but I’d advise you to pay some more attention to this place, because their boba has the perfect consistency and their desserts are worth every dollar. The drinks are hit and miss, but I figure they’ll eventually get the flavor down pat.

The desserts. Miss Cheese makes a light, fluffy, delicious version of souffle that will melt on your tongue and delight your taste buds with every bite. The souffle comes in strawberry, plain, boba, and matcha. Each souffle is topped with a light, frothy, creamy sauce of unknown but irresistible ingredients. This is what I got the first time I went and is what I’ve been taking all my friends here for. The other dessert they have is the mille crepe cake that Lady M has made famous. The crepe cake comes in Oreo, matcha, and plain. I tried the Oreo last night. The Oreo creme in between the crepe layers was a bit light for my tastes, but the texture of the cake was nice and soft. Lady M’s crepe cakes have thinner layers, but the thickness does not at all detract from the flavor.

Both the souffles and crepe cakes are made fresh in house. That is why you may end up waiting 20 - 30 min for your perfect, buoyant, glistening souffles to come out of the kitchen. The crepe cakes are made in the morning then stored in the fridge, so the wait time will be maybe 5 min at most.

Miss Cheese has other desserts, like Japanese cheesecake and Taiyaki, which I’ll have to try the next time I go. I almost forgot to mention that all their foods are exceedingly Instagram worthy.

Now the drinks. The one drink I’ve been most satisfied with from Miss Cheese is the sesame drink. I love black sesame. Give me all the black sesame 湯圓,麻吉,drinks, etc. in the world. Miss Cheese’s black sesame drink comes with black sesame cheese foam, which is to die for. It has a wonderfully rich sesame flavor and isn’t overwhelmingly oily, like 嘆茶’s cheese foam. The liquid is ok, but not quite full-bodied enough for me. Maybe it’s because I ordered half sweet. I’ve also tried their tiramisu ceylon tea. Ceylon tea is the base for thai tea. The tiramisu foam has too much cocoa flavor for me. It didn’t really taste like tiramisu. The drink was also too bitter for my taste. I ended up tossing it after drinking 30% of the liquid.

If you’re looking for a cute dessert place to chill at in Pasadena, Miss Cheese is not a bad option. They have wonderful souffles and crepe cakes to keep your taste buds busy. Don’t forget to add their perfectly cooked boba to your drinks! Just remember that it’s in a hard to spot location, so don’t lose patience if you don’t quite see it as you’re approaching the corner of Cordova and Arroyo Parkway.

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