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Getting up and Talking to People

February 26, 2019

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

There are some days when digital communication pisses me off to planes higher than it should be able to excite me to. These are the days when people are trying to schedule a time to meet in person but people are too busy multi-tasking or trying to ghost each other that the time never gets set and the meeting doesn’t happen. I think these days are worse than those when people show up late or are no-shows and any attempt to contact them prior to or around the preset meeting time meet with delivered but unreads. I think these days are also worse than those when you get ghosted before a plan gets set. I think these are worse than the days when you don’t talk to a single person in person.

Anyway, my point in bringing up the first, worst kind of digital communication mishap is that I think there’s so much lost value in just getting up off your () and talking to that person. This is especially true when you live in a college dorm (like I do~) or if you’re in an office with that person. Even if the conversation only takes 5 minutes, the experience is almost always better in person. There’s something about how free form meeting in person tends to be, how you could say almost anything when you’re sharing the same airspace, how easily that 5 minutes could turn into an hour that makes the experience more magical. Besides, I think getting disturbed by the occasional knock on the door is much more friendly than being disturbed by the incessant buzzing of my phone in my pocket or the infinite little pings of Slack or FB notifications.

All it takes is a five minute walk to find the people you care about. All it takes is a bit of disregard for notions of efficiency and productivity and “but I could just text them” laziness that are all too common in the modern lexicon. Spend time, in person, with the people who matter to you. Those are the interactions that really count.