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Why Write a Blog

February 19, 2019

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I recently had a rather brazen, obnoxious thought about why I should share my thoughts, especially those thoughts that emerge suddenly and seem just absolutely brilliant in the moment. The thought went something like this:

I’m not done talking. I want you to know the full extent of my intellectual capacity, of my smartness, so I’m going to tell you all the profound things that are currently on my mind, even if they end up being not profound or downright stupid a few minutes later.

I think that reflects on how I run this blog. Every so often, I’ll have what seems to be a profound thought about the universe. Sometimes, that profound thought will trigger enough subsequent thinking and substance that I will consider writing a post about it. Normally, if the post doesn’t get finished on that first wave of inspiration, it will sit as an unfinished draft, waiting for me to figure out what exactly was so worthwhile about those loose threads of thought. As a result, most of what I write on this blog probably ends up being mediocre, with a very small half-life. That result is ok, in the sense that this blog can just be a bucket of my thoughts. It will be a public repository of my mental development over the years. Likely some people will take offense with the public nature of the blog. Why risk exposing dangerous, potentially black-mail or lawsuit worthy thoughts onto the internet, where anybody and anything can take advantage of it? The obscurity that I currently enjoy may last a long time. It may end very soon.

I do this is because I like it. I like the idea of having other people combing through my thinking. I like the idea that I have good thoughts, thoughts that galvanize, upset, stimulate other people. I like the idea of being on the internet, of being discoverable, of being latent. I like writing.

There it is. When I don’t write, I have nothing profound to say. When I do write, I’ve got an itch to scratch, an itch that says I have something profound to say, something that the world hasn’t considered in a good enough way before, something that reinforces my belief in my intellect.