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Exponential Growth

November 17, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Economics, I’m telling you, all they talk about is rationality
Having multiple optionality isn’t computational insanity
Because we all living in hyper-reality
Our brains as good as cyborgs, this is the new age of humanity

Gotta think in terms of opportunity cost, margins, incentive theory
Markets are the best way to maximize our collective productivity

Productivity optimization is our calling, let’s not get confused, homie
The government wants to maximize GDP, get us all to take responsibility
Incentivize us with low interest, tax breaks, this is the land of opportunity

Don’t you see it, sometimes we follow Friedman, sometimes follow Keynes
Every regime is different, but the long-run behavior is the same
We all looking for exponential growth, hockey stick, it goes by different names
Unsustainable you say, that’s the name of the game
We fighting a losing battle against entropy, can’t give up, that’s lame
Every so often we have a revolution, spark non-linearity, don’t disdain
The power of the human mind, we on a roll, follow the gain

We limited by our capital so we invented debt
Let you use more than you own isn’t that a risky bet
So the debt owners they charge usury some high numbers they like to set
But don’t worry I’m responsible ain’t no credit card regret
Take a look at 2008, people losing homes moving to Tibet
Just a phenomenon of the credit cycle is what they want you to think is correct
Cycles are inevitable, we humans aren’t stable like computer chipsets
But what if we didn’t use money move beyond give and get

We now limited by our attention, by our time
No longer have to work with nature, get covered in grime
We pretend we getting closer with everybody when we’re online
But all we really doing is turning our brains into slime
They say the world’s at our fingertips
Just ask Google and you will receive a box of top hits
But don’t you know searching can’t replace understanding
The human mind needs deep stimulation before it’s thriving
That’s why we value creativity and imagination
Reveal our ingenuity make things better for the next generation

That’s where the real exponential growth lies
Help us transcend the present move up into the skies
Life is too short to waste open your eyes
Take control of your mind and body don’t you realize
No limits to your potential stop eating fries
Your objective is to build upon previous generations it all jives
With Newton standing on the shoulders of giants say your goodbyes
To disease to suffering to inequality to depravity to cries
For help
Not Yelp
But kelp

Think about how you want to spend the rest of your life
Pursue exponential growth for growth’s sake it’s a line of strife
Gotta be sharp as a surgeon be quick with the knife
Ain’t nobody blowing horns we all just playing the fife

But remember what’s real in the world, what makes you happy
Think about humanity, your humanness, this ain’t sappy
Emotions are good caring is good compassion is good say hi to your pappy
Get out there, see the world, create value for society
Real value you can see, touch people, that’s reality
This is the real exponential growth, growth of humanity