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Why Didn't You Tell Me Earlier?

November 12, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Your sister tried but you kept saying you didn’t hear her
So now you crying bloody murder
because you didn’t get the job you’d work for

That’s why I keep saying you gotta use that brain of yours
Opportunities don’t just wash up on the shores
They ain’t as easy to pick up as whores
How’d you end up cleaning your pores?

I hope you learned from this incident
Not to sit back and be so complacent
You gotta prepare, show up, deliver, like your brother Trent
You could learn a lot from him, we all rooting for your improvement

What’s that? You going on again, didn’t tell me earlier?
Speak louder, I can’t hear when you murmur
I don’t have time for this, I’m going to eat a burger

Quit following me around
You like a sick puppy dog, desperate for love but belonging to the pound
Get back to work, figure out how you’re going to make your life sound
Don’t be whining, I’m paying for you to turn your life around

I didn’t tell you earlier? Please
Have you ever thought that your brain used to be made of peas?
That you used to say the world is flat, the flu is a flea’s disease?
You’ve come a long way, but don’t stop. One day you’ll be as rich as Jay Z

The phone is ringing, go pick it up
What? Aunt Marge’s reading tea leaves in her cup?
Cousin Bobby’s outside trying to do a pull up?
You don’t look to well, are you going to throw up?

What’s gotten into you, you’re acting like a nervous wreck
Didn’t you tell me you took care of that bounced check?
Now you saying debt collectors after you what the heck?
Why didn’t you tell me earlier, now the yoke’s on my neck