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October 7, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Just an exercise in rhyming today. The path the lyrics traces out is not consistent, so don’t read too much into the “hidden, subliminal messages”.

Happy first post of October.

Start: What I’m trying to do is to up my skills so I can get to live like royalty
Don’t tell me you’re adding value to society
I can see from the car you drive you ain’t worth more than poverty
So don’t go walking around like you high on some fumes
We all know that stuff bad for you because it just subsumes
Your brain and then your mind starts going down the drain
Until there’s nothing left at the end of this refrain

We all trying to find meaning in life
For some of us, that means taking a wife
Yoking yourself to each other, thinking that will end your strife
Y’all saying you hate working the 8 to 5 grind
You would rather sit around thinking you’re one of a kind
Hoping one day to find
The golden ticket that will get you out of this bind

Let me tell you your thinking’s gone off the tracks
That’s right I’m calling you a bunch of whacks
Y’all sitting there with bottles of Jack
Pretending you in the corner office, hang your jacket up on the rack
When will you wake up and realize that you’re wasting your life
Stop spending 10 hours on work a day it’s pumped you full of spite
You’re angry and you hate it but you do it for the pay
Is the pay gonna save your soul when you’re 80 and grey?
Will it make your grandkids proud or will they say “go away”
And will you see in their eyes that glimmer of yesterday
When you were still full of hope and chasin’ after destiny (pronounce more destin-ay for rhyme)

When did you forget that essential formula for meaning in life
It tells us that work and relationships are our bedrock
Everything else just distracts from what’s right
Don’t think you can get away with delayed gratification
Your brain needs constant reaffirmation
What I mean is you gotta put in the hours every day, prove that you got some dedication
To your intentions
You can call it your purpose in life but if you’re a kid you probably see it as doing what you like
That’s right, follow your dreams, and hope that one day you will be given the means to lead a team that will tear apart the seams of this regime and set us free to be happy, fulfilled, and utterly esteemed
For work was given to us to be good for body and soul
Let us find pleasure in applying our skills
It will fill a spiritual hole
But let’s not neglect the other part of the formula, we need to pay our relationship bills

Your work is your engine
Your relationships are your fuel
So don’t play the fool, garbage in garbage out
If someone isn’t making you happy, don’t be sorry, just acknowledge you struck out
Move on, seek closure, the world’s so big you’re bound to find someone who will hear you out
But remember to close your mouth
Every once in a while because communication’s on a single lane road
There ain’t no passing, no cutting off, only head-on collision
But if that’s what you want I’d suggest you check your vision
So you can see the person before your eyes, and realize
Just how important you could be to each other’s lives
Once you find the right people you’ll be well on the track towards becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise
And remember to treat others right, too, because they playing this same game on the flip-side of you
So be patient, be loving, be gracious and be grateful for your crew

I hope this little jingle was useful to you
Take a deep breath, clean out your mind with a mental Achoo!
You can go back and review but for now just relax and think it through
Two simple pieces, work and relationships
Just like Reese’s, delicious together, unsinkable ship
Once you get going at a clip you’ll feel really hip
That’s all I got to say tonight, have a nice trip