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Everybody Has Ideas

July 1, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I think everybody has ideas. You all have ideas for great startups or projects or how to make new friends or an ideal summer vacation in Europe. The problem most people face is that they spend too much time filtering their ideas for quality. We all think our idea for self-stirring coffee cups (taken from Reddit) is great until we find that someone else has developed and sold such a product. We all think our dream to become president and fix social welfare is great until someone tells us just how hard it is to become a candidate. We all think our fancy startup idea to design boats that paddle themselves is beyond genius (thank you again, Reddit) until we find out that we just thought of technology that has been sitting in our plain sight (motorized boats).

So, with all these disappointments under our belt, by the time we have the skill or the money to pursue some of our genius ideas, we’ve lost most of the ambition needed to make them happen. But that’s not the end of this story. You can turn yourself into an Idea Machine again. You can reinspire yourself and turn around your life. The key is to realize that coming up with ideas is a skill that can be built with practice. All you have to do is to start coming up with ideas. Just let them flow. Write down all your ideas, even the ones you think not even your grandmother who loves you and all your perfections would be able to give a thumbs up to. I’d recommend you hit at least 10 ideas each day. Eventually, you will accumulate so many ideas that you’ll want to start acting upon some of them! The moment you start acting on your ideas is the moment your life takes another step towards a higher plane of living.

After about 6 months of coming up with ideas, you’ll have exercised your idea muscle to the point where you can claim yourself to be an Idea Machine. At this point, you should have confidence in the quality of your ideas and can start sharing them with others. Don’t by shy about sharing your ideas. The more you share with others, the more diversity of thought you uncover and the greater the evolutionary ascendance your ideas can achieve. Besides, there’s no sanctity of ideas.

Don’t wait, get started now! Pull out a piece of paper, a napkin, a note card, whatever, and start churning out those ideas!

Don’t think a did good job of explaining how to become an Idea Machine? Read the original.

Do you have ideas you want to share with me? Ping me at ipacifics@gmail.com.