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Some Strange Dreams I've Recently Had

June 23, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

It’s been a while since I’ve remembered enough detail about my dreams to be able to share them with others, let alone relive the experience. Today will be the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts about dreams I have. I hope you enjoy the posts.

Dream 1:
I was a young, male time traveler. I was attending some strange boarding school where I had frequent access to the headmaster’s house and office. I don’t think I was related to the headmaster.

The headmaster’s house had this large, open lobby with some kind of plant stand in the middle and four staircases going upstairs all around the plant stand:

=-=-=-=       =-=-=-=-        N ^
        (plant stand)                   |
=-=-=-=        =-=-=-=-

The headmaster’s office was north of the plant stand. The headmaster had access to some kind of time and dimension hopping device.

At some point, while I was in the original world, I was trying to help my family escape some bad guys. I believe the bad guys were the headmaster’s henchmen. I had led my family to a nearby train station so they could escape the area but the bad guys, had caught up to us. One of my family members was killed as they were getting on the train. I got nervous, angry, and desperate to save my family, so I triggered a time and dimension hop and landed in some other world. I continued to fight against the headmaster in this world, and the next, and the next.

The last world I hopped to started me in some square, pink room where a bunch of other children my age were mingling. I had defeated the bad guys. I hadn’t aged throughout the dream, due to the time hopping device always bringing me back to the time at which I started the dream. I asked the other children in the room some questions. I think I asked about my family and about whether I could get back to my original world. These other children must also have been dimension hoppers, because they gave me some very reasonable answers to my questions about time and dimension hopping. At some point, one child told me that the physicist sitting in the kitchen of the house we were in could help me get back to my originl world.

I immediately went to talk to the physicist. I asked the physicist to not consider me crazy and then asked if there was a way I could get back home. He smiled and said “yes”. At this time, he pointed at some newspaper that was on the kitchen table. The front page article was about some boy who figured out how a crystal ball worked. That crystal ball, I forgot to mention, helped me throughout my journey. Someone would speak to me through the ball and guide me to all the tools or clues I needed to beat the headmaster. The boy in the article was me. The current year was 2018, and I believe there was something in the article or the newspaper which showed that I was originally from 1968.

And that was that.

Dream 2:
I was about to head out with some friends in the middle of the night to get donuts or some dessert in LA. I had reserved a Zipcar and was sitting in the driver’s seat, waiting for the two or three other people to decide where we wanted to go. The boy in the passenger’s seat said he had a place he wanted to go to. He showed me the zoomed in pin of the store on Google Maps and I asked if the store was in KTown. He didn’t seem to know, and I didn’t seem to care. I think I said I was going to start driving and that everybody else should figure out the directions as I drove.

We started climbing an incline up to some large freeway sign that led to an exit. I believe we passed that sign but took the next exit because someone figured out how to get somewhere interesting. The road was exceedingly foggy, but everybody else on the road was driving well past the speed limit. The freeway exit we were on was a large, curved loop. I was afraid we were going to spin out onto the side of the freeway because we were going so, so fast, but all the other cars were going just as fast and seemed to have no problems staying in their lanes. What happened next was really scary.

We exited the loop and immediately it seemed like the road had dropped away from us. Everybody screamed, I slammed on the brakes, and we came to a harsh stop in the middle of some road that was so foggy, we couldn’t see the asphalt. There was no one else on the road. I turned my hi-beams on and off, but they didn’t help illuminate anything. We drove forward very slowly for a couple of feet before I woke up, scared for my life.