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The College Student who Wrote a Roboadvisor

June 22, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I recently was browsing Indiehackers and saw a post titled something like: “I’m a College Student and I Programmed my own Roboadvisor”. I was jealous at the time of reading that headline, particularly because I’m also a college student and don’t have anything quite so interesting to claim, but now I’m angry at all the people who write clickbait titles like that.

The thing that is impressive about this person is that he took action! The college student description is a red herring. Think about the number of people in the world who have the same idea and the necessary skills and yet don’t take action! The impressive thing about any accomplishment that’s worth talking about is that the maker got off the couch and took action.

There may be a subtlety here that’s worth nothing regarding college students. Before you get a job and become a “real adult”, you have a requirement to individually produce. You must show the world that you are capable of accomplishing worthy tasks on your own before someone else will decide you are employable and invite you to join their task force (company). Once you’ve joined a company and are happily “settled”, you no longer have to indidividually produce. Your output as a result of your employment with company X is sufficient contribution to society.

If you ever become unhappy in your current position and want to go job hunting, you’ve again got to prove your individual capacity to produce. You’ve got to prove that you did something interesting in your previous job(s), preferably showed some kind of leadership or initiative, but are docile enough to fit into the “company culture”. So, stand out, but don’t stand out too much because you’ve got to work for the company.

The paradigm I just outlined is no longer the ideal, as James Altucher believes. The shrinking middle class and heavy inflation are all signs that you now have to Choose Yourself (James’ book) if you want to survive. You have to take control of your life and build your own prosperity because otherwise you’ll get pushed further and further down into the pigsty by corporations who are looking to get more and more out of cheaper and cheaper labor.

The fundamental ideas here are still the same. If you want to live a good life, you have to want to be alive. Start there. If you have that under control and want to live a purposeful, meaningful, etc. life, you have to do something you are internally motivated to do. Once you have that figured out, you need to focus on building discipline and getting that thing you’re internally motivated about done. Once you’ve got that thing done, either continue making it better or move on and find something else that can give your life meaning and purpose. Try to keep searching for beauty and Quality in the world. If you lose sight of those things, take a break and let your mind recover.

Remember that you are not alone in this journey. You have your friends, family, online presences, etc. to support you. Seek help when you need it and be prepared to buckle down when it’s clear that’s the only way you’re going to get out of a rut.

If you want to chat with me about my ideas, please send me an email at ipacifics@gmail.com or call me at 760-429-4377. Have a good life.