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What Is Your Craft?

June 10, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

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Changing Topic: Exploring is highly underrated as way of getting unstuck. If you are unhappy, confused, restless, or otherwise not at peace, you should start exploring your other options. There is more to this world than suffering in the conventional ways. Everyone needs a reason for living. Every action has a motivation propelling it. If you feel like you’ve lost that propulsion, then get out of your chair and go find it! Go join a club, start lifting weights, move to a different country, quit your job, and start diving deep into those things that you’ve always wanted to do but have always put on the back burner for “more important things”.

Just be careful to buckle down when you should buckle down. See this article for some insight on buckling down.

I refuse to live a life without ambition and passion. I haven’t yet found where I want to go, but there will come a day when I will become one of Steve Jobs’ “crazy ones”.

Changing Topics: Realize that other people can’t change you and that you can’t change other people. Change must come from within. Every permanent change must be internally motivated. You must, at some point in your journey to change, make a conscious decision about whether you want to go where you’re trying to go and whether you’re willing to accept the costs of getting to your destination. Only then will you truly be dedicated to the change. Only then will you really be dangerous, because you’ve kindled a roaring fire within your soul. You’re willing to go through brick walls and fight armies to fulfill your dreams. As long as your can convince yourself that there is hope, you will fight on.

To get to a point where you can make that consciousness decision about your life, you will likely rely on the influence of lots of other people. You will likely also need to “fake it ‘til you make it”. For example, if you want to get into a gym routine, you will fake having a gym routine by forcing yourself to go MWF after work until you have accumulated enough “going to the gym” experience points that you make the decision about whether you want to level up to “no longer faking it, but this still sucks”. If it hurts and you want to give up, don’t feel bad for seeking advice and motivation. That’s what everybody else is here for. We’re here to test you, to motivate you, to reject you, to care for you, and to help you get to where you want to be. Never give up on your goals; just change them.

Note: Don’t make plans you don’t plan on following through on.

I believe that we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. We use their actions as a proxy for understanding their inner motivations (kind of revealed preference but more psychology than economics). People who flake on plans or who are late or otherwise throw off the expected rhythm of the plan demonstrate a lack of respect for the other people participating in and organizing the event.

Note: The amount of time you spend with someone is a clear testament to how much you value them.

Get sidetracked with me: I bought the 3-month $.99 trial of Spotify Premium today. One major change is that the app turned back to what it looked like before the recent update. There are also no ads! I bought the trial upgrade because I want my music with me when I go on a no-cellular-data-plan trip to Europe next week. This way, I can enjoy myself on my plane and practice my harmonica against some downloaded tracks.

One thing I recently noticed about people who are good at singing is that their voices are smooth at every note in their vocal range. There’s no raspy, off-tune, whispy, airy, otherwise imperfect sound to the notes they utter. Most people can sing, but they normally don’t properly warm up their voices, which can lead to the vocal chord damage which causes the raspiness.

I think singing is a wonderful activity. It’s a fun way to draw people together and get them to viscerally feel things. I think that I will, one day, cultivate my voice more so I can actually experience the pleasure of being able to sing beautifully.