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What Are Your Hobbies? (你有什麼愛好?)

May 11, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I have a difficult time answering the question: What are your hobbies? I’ve recently been inclined to say that I don’t have hobbies. But if I think harder about why I get so tongue-tied when I get asked that question, it becomes apparent that I don’t know what a hobby is.

I was most recently asked this question two days ago, by an acquaintance. I wanted to give a better answer than “I don’t have hobbies”, so I avoided the question and said that most of what I do is productive. That got a good laugh from the acquaintance and got me thinking about creativity and what hobbies are.

My thinking on creativity hasn’t changed since my 5/9 post. If people ping me hard enough by email, I’ll elaborate on creativity. For now, let’s think about hobbies. I can’t remember which reddit thread sparked this thinking, but the phrase “things you would do anyway” has been rolling around in my head for some time now. I think hobbies are the “things you would do anyway”. For example, let’s say you really like weightlifting. You will lift regardless of what else is going on in your life. It’s something you would be doing anyway. By my definition, weightlifting is a hobby. Hobbies can intersect with passions, but I think passions require a stronger sense of fanaticism.

It can be a wonderful thing when your hobbies line up with your job, but not every hobby can sustain the kind of routine and structure a job requires. Then again, the discomfort I sometimes feel when structure gets imposed on an activity I like may be some manifestation of my insecurities. You can often do more amazing work by going with the system than by going against it. It can be hard to know when you’re right or when you’re a deluded fool who’s holding everybody else back.

Do you agree with my definition of hobbies? Send me an email regardless of what opinion you have and let’s figure out the best way to define this thing. Mention this post to make sure I don’t delete your email.

大家好,好久沒見囉!我今天想試試看寫一篇雙語文章,希望大家會喜歡! 如果有意見可以給我送個電郵。


我以前會因為“你有什麼愛好?” 這個文題而迷惑。我最近的正常回應就是: “我沒有愛好。” 但這樣的回答不但沒有解除我的迷惑而會讓對方也陷入迷惑。 所以我這幾天在腦裡慢慢熬出了一個答案。

我認為我之前的誤會就是在於愛好的定義。我其實不太知道愛好是什麼神異東西。 我這禮拜中又在reddit浪費時間時不小心找到了一個很精闢的留言。細節我不太記得, 我只記得他有說一句 “things you would do anyway” (你本來就會做的事)。我覺得 愛好就是那些你呠來就會做的事。譬如說你很喜歡舉重。你每天,不管平常生活有多繁忙, 都會去體育館做一些舉重運動。舉重就是你本來會做的事,所以,照我剛才的定義,舉重 就是你的愛好。有人可能認為我這樣的分隔不夠仔細,因為酷愛 (passion) 也可以用這 一句來形容。我還沒完全想清楚,但酷愛好像需要更強烈的感情。你如果每有每天去 練你的酷愛,你可能會開始顯出發瘋的狀態。

有人可能會說最頂端的工作就事那些跟你的愛好或酷愛對齊的。有些人可能會有意見, 因為工作的常規、機構、系統會讓他們以前最愛的愛好變成他們現在最憎惡的例行。 我想提醒大家一下,很多次你照系統做可以做出比你沒跟系統做的事偉大的多。所以 你一有對系統有反感的時候就要好好地考慮一下你的想法有沒有漏洞。這種偏向是不是 你個人的心態問題?這個分辨出你是對還是錯的問題很多情況下很難解決,因為世界 包含著很多不準的神秘。還有,你很多次掌握不了你需要的資料。但你不要緊,你慢慢練 習做這種判斷很快就會成為高手。你也不要鄙視找人幫忙的舉動。我們個人的力量很渺小, 但我們合起來的力量有可能是無限的。

你們認同我給愛好的定義嗎?想跟我再討論這一個問題嗎?還是想跟我碰一下面嗎? 給我送個電郵吧!請在電郵的標頭或內容裡說你在我的部落格找出我喔!