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March 17, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Note: I write all my blog posts on the fly. They’re not so unrefined as to be streams of consciousness, but they receive minimal proofreading.

I write this way because I’m impatient with my thoughts. Writing my blog is satisfying, but I feel at odds with writing because it’s too purposeful. When purpose has been used to achieve purposelessness, the thing has been grasped. Things should be done for their own sake. So, I must write for the sake of writing.

Every action is an end unto itself. To expect something after an action, like expecting someone to pay you back after a meal or expecting someone to help you up after you’ve fallen, is to extend the action beyond its natural lifetime.

Nothing is more important than anything else.

Note on using my words: Everything I write is free to be repurposed. Once I have said something, it now exists in the open space surrounding me. I don’t own my words because they are no longer of me**. Others are free to reach into this open space surrounding me and examine the items there.

We exist in an infinite universe of knowledge. Most of this knowledge is unexplored, raw, and hard to digest. Many people before us have partially some of the knowledge in this universe. My blog is a repository for all the pieces of partially digested knowledge I have deemed interesting enough to share with the world. This knowledge cannot be private, because it was always available to anyone who cared to look hard enough. Thus, when I share processed knowledge, in any form and through any method, that morsel is now another part of the common universe of knowledge we all exist in. I cannot restrict you from digesting the raw material another way or digesting my processed material another way. Neither of us can delete this knowledge from the universe (though there are certainly pieces of processed knowledge we i have lost track of). So, please, share what you discover in my section of the universe as freely as you wish. I do not need any acknowledgement.

**I’m still refining my thoughts on ownership, so I feel shaky about what the previous sentence implies. My first inclination was to continue and say that I only own what is physically within or attached to my body. That would imply that I don’t know my phone, my computer, my house, my clothes, and all the other material items which I am currently comfortable claiming as mine. It is relieving to claim that I own nothing and that I am one with the world, but is that right? I am made of the earth, and to the earth I will return. The conflict I experience arises from everybody else’s contrary opinions. If I was to tear down all my fences and remove the locks from my house and claim that anything but my body is unowned, there would be a riot in my neighborhood. For me to be bothered by this requires that I don’t fully believe this philosophy. Which way will the tree fall?