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Great Employees

January 12, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

There’s a guy at work who recently helped me think through the design of a web application. I have little experience with the broad field of software engineering, and know hardly anything about the web beyond the fact that I use too much of it every day, so his help was much appreciated. There’s two parts to my appreciation. One is for his being willing to help. Most people aren’t good enough to bother. They’re just too selfish or too afraid to step up and better their fellow man. The second part is for the effectiveness of his teaching. This coworker really knows what he’s talking about and knows how to teach. He introduces concepts in a way that makes sense, he checks for understanding, and he’s happy to answer questions. I had my doubts about him when I first met him, because he didn’t seem to have much to work to do. But he’s now proven himself as a worthy addition to the team, especially to the interns whom he’s helped.

The best snowboard instructor I’ve had so far confided in me that he felt the ski school he was working at should focus on hiring good people. The snowboarding and skiing can be taught, but bad people skills are hard to correct in adults. Teachers need to be confident and firm. I see too many teachers on the slopes who are shy about correcting their students or leading them through “silly exercises”. I also see too many teachers on the slopes who take a cavalier attitude towards teaching and either leave their students to fend for themselves or ignore their concerns. I have a sense that teachers who are assigned to larger groups tend to shirk their responsibilities more than teachers with small groups because they think it’s too hard to keep track of a larger number of people. Those teachers basically just herd their students from point a to point b, without even a modicum of coaching or a sincere good job. The best teachers recognize their students’ limits, psychological and physical, and know when to press harder and when to let back. Teachers are major role models in our world, and it’s a shame when people take the job for the money and refuse to live up to their responsibilities. It’s also a shame that people don’t give feedback where feedback is deserved. Great work deserves more than a tip. It deserves to be shared with the company so that person can be recognized and promoted. Bad work deserves more than hushed complaints once you’re at home. It also deserves to be recognized so that person can undergo training or be fired. Companies have political roadblocks which may prevent them from recognizing good and bad. You can help by submitting your thoughts and by speaking up when the time is right.


我上次跟一些朋友去吃飯時,有一位突然提出 殺人遊戲 這四個字。我從沒聽過這種遊戲所以我笨拙地問各位這到底是什麼玩意。我還以為是大陸編出來的心活動,怪我落伍就好了。沒人想解釋,所以我最親密的朋友低聲地跟我說這遊戲在英文叫 MAFIA。喔。原來如此。我又露出我中文程度有多弱。但這沒關係,我最近每天都在練習我的聽說讀寫,一定不能再讓人家看不起我的中文!




殺手請醒!你們今天的目標是誰?好,謝謝,請回去睡覺。 警察請醒!你今天想查問誰的身份?好,謝謝,請回去睡覺。 天使請醒!你今天要救誰?好,謝謝,請回去睡覺。