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Everybody Has His Way

January 2, 2018

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Every person has a preferred way of speaking. We each have a preferred way of teaching, of walking, of explaining, of arguing, etc. Sometimes, our preferred way isn’t effective enough in getting our point across. The other person appears bored or confused or doesn’t react as you wish them to. We try a different tactic of communication, which frequently ends up being a variation on our preferred method. This variation is normally not enough, and communication remains at a standstill.

I remember attending a youth leadership conference where this exact form of communication breakdown occurred. One girl had stood up and was seeking advice on some kind of personal leadership problem. One of the four mentors on the stage was trying to help the girl make a breakthrough by changing her mindset. No matter how this mentor tried, the girl refused to budge. That mentor quickly reached the limit of her patience and another mentor had to step in. The second mentor seemed to say the magic words, and we all cheered for the girl, who seemed to have just taken the first step forward.

Not every person can jive with every other person. I’ve switched coaches many times for various sports. While each coach has gone over approximately the same set of concepts, I have understood those concepts better with some coaches. Just as beauty in the eye of the beholder, the quality of a gift is in the eye of the receiver.

I bring up this topic because it relates to my goal of becoming more creative and flexible. The world can be so beautiful if you just allow yourself to see its different facets. Life can be brutal and push you around, testing your ability to control your emotions, but if you learn to be mindful of how you feel, you can easily ride through the rough times and regain footing. There is no need for anger just because you are too inflexible to go with the flow of things that day. Reserve anger for gross injustices. Reserve your spirits and your energy for those fights which are yours to fight. Don’t poison your body with evil emotions when you can spare yourself through better emotional control.

My desire for greater creativity and flexibility comes partly as a result of my desire to truly believe that teaching is the ultimate responsibility. I want to be patient enough to guide my students through their challenges. I want to be creative enough to help them understand key concepts in new ways. I want to fulfill this great responsibility to cultivate a new mind so it can go on to create beautiful things for the world.

愛生氣 我的心好痛
跑啊跑啊 你永遠逃不了
但是這感情的痕跡 是愈不了的傷


踏出新人生 注重養性
打倒惡魔 拜神 傳教

一天再一天 不斷的進步
人生有多美 腦筋有多厲害
多培養你的精神 超越世俗的誘惑