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Using Self-Deception to Achieve Goals

December 17, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I fell into the horrible trap of procrastination this long weekend. I was off work and school on MLK Jr. Day, but the assignments I had to complete and other other responsibilities I had to fulfill didn’t stop for the holiday. I’ve gotten somewhat better at following my schedule, because I’m now more on time for classes and meetups with friends. But I still fall very flat in terms of following a schedule for completing my work. I simply can’t gather up the motivation and to even start working. It’s quite a conundrum, because I would very much like to be free of the classwork and other things, but I just don’t feel like doing it. This is cognitive dissonance at its finest. Somehow I’ve convinced myself that procrastinating on my work and suffering the stress of having to complete my work under a tighter deadline later is of higher utility than just doing the stupid thing now. The only stupid thing in this story is me.

So now I have to trick myself into believing that following my schedule will help me achieve my goals. I must twist that part of me which inherently resists my doing work, that part of me which resists the boredom and tedium of work into submission. I must hypnotize that part of me into following the “right’ path. Once the hypnosis is complete and permanent, the self-deception will be complete and can now be termed habit. I call this process self-deception because while I can cleverly claim that I know how good it is to be disciplined with a schedule, I don’t believe it enough to follow through.

So, today is day one of the hypnosis. I have what seems like a ridiculous amount of work to complete in a ridiculously small amount of time, but that’s just that rebellious, backwards part of me controlling my mind.