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Falling in Love with Art

December 16, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I feel that I’ve recently had a greater appreciation and desire for good music and literature, including manga. I’ve devoured Dune, 棋王、and 孩子王 over the past couple of days, and I’m just starting to fall in love with Sakimichi no Apollon. I’ve also become more picky with music I allow in my playlist. I don’t just want music that sounds good. I want music with romantic lyrics that move me and make me fall in love with the rhythm and melody. I want music that I will feel inspired to sing the lyrics to as I’m walking down the street, to spice up my daily experiences.

I think I will get back into playing music, because I love the feelings it gives me. I want to master the instrument so I can freely express myself. I want to let my hands and fingers glide over keys, buttons, drums, etc. I think I will work on developing my storytelling abilities, because I love escaping into worlds of beautiful emotion and relationships. That’s what seems to get me so hard about Sakimichi no Apollon. Everything about the first few chapters is setting up a beautiful series of friendships. I already know the basic plot from Wikipedia, but I’m amazed at how the artwork and the text blend together to move the storyline along. I want to have that skill one day, to be able to create stories that unite people and show them how beautiful the world can be.

Sakimichi no Apollon is also beautiful because it is the first time I’ve felt so deeply that high school and college will be the best years of my life. Forget what the characters will do after graduating. Forget what the future looks like. The present portion of their life that the author has chosen to reveal is beautiful, so let’s wholeheartedly throw ourselves into enjoying the beauty of the present. Never again will my life be so free. Never again will I be able to goof off with friends and go on the roof and bask in the rain and show off at school concerts and just be young. Though let’s not forget that the Japanese school system is time-consuming and goes 240 days each year, April through March.

I’m feeling pretty jazzed about life and this world of manga and otherworldly stories after traveling to Aspen for the past week, but I know my life going forward won’t be quite at glitzy and rosy as that in Sakimichi no Apollon. I can only hope to make the best of the life I have, and share the beauty of what I experience through my art.