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What do you do for fun?

December 6, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I remember getting stumped by the simple “getting to know you” question “What do you do for fun?”. I hesitated to answer each time I was presented with this question because I felt like my hobbies were few and far between and embarrassing to admit to. I didn’t have anything commonplace or cool like playing music or playing a sport or making video games or woodworking that I could share. In fact, all I can offer right now is blog writing and reading Chinese fiction and reading academic papers.

I’ve attempted a couple of times to get into Sketchup modeling and electronic music creation with Jeksola Buzz and even 3D modeling and animation with Maya. In each case, I’ve stopped at a very elementary level and refused to try harder to master the tool. I’ve done the same thing with a variety of Coursera courses. I need to build up better habits, starting with cutting my instinct to search for browser-based video games when I’m bored. Once that’s resolved, I’ll cut my second instinct to search YouTube for stupid videos to keep me entertained. After that, I’ll work on increasing my active attention span so I can at least work on a Pomodoro technique schedule. Once that’s done, I can finally devote myself to my work and create some great things I’ve been wanting to create for years.

I have a slight disgust for the entertainment industry. I feel that each person should be able to self-entertain. Non-electronic toys, like Legos and kendama cup and balls, are acceptable. Books may qualify. I feel like books shouldn’t quality because they inherently guide you through a path of entertainment. But now, the entertainment industry has taken away most people’s ability to lose themselves in their imagination or in the building blocks around them. I find it so sad when parents put iPads or televisions on the back of their car headrests because they’re just training their children to become addicted to someone else’s conception of what’s cool in the world. Let kids be kids. Put them outside; buy them Legos; build a treehouse with them. Give them the tools to develop their minds and discover all the mysteries of this universe we exist in. There is so much yet to be discovered about the world; why hand things on a silver iPad to your children when they could figure things out for themselves?

Create a little artificial hardship in your life by inducing boredom every so often. Boredom should motivate you to get off your butt and go do something new, not just browse the internet for the dopamine levers on YouTube, Reddit, or Facebook.


我就是那種傢伙,做事很隨便,對什麼活動都起不了什麼勁,把生命看成很麻煩的一件事。有沒有讓你想起一個誰?有些可能認為我有憂鬱症。我不會否認他們的判斷,但我也不會承認這件事。我認為我現在的煩惱應該出於我對未來的迷亂。我還不知道我以後想做什麼,現在也不太想投入什麼活動。我就是太愛淺嘗輒止了。我覺得每次有新鮮的經驗比深入一件事更有趣。但我很明白大部分當萬事通的人沒辦法出人頭地。 我最終只是要過一個幸福的生活,出人頭地到底能不能讓我高興我還不明白。我有可能只是瞞著自己最深的願望,並沒有真的想要有名利的現實。誒,我到什麼時候才能想通。

我聽人家抱怨找不到工作的嘟囔以聽膩了。有些抱怨是因為 CS 專業的同學們早已決定好暑假要去哪一家公司做實習。另一部分的人就是他們對自記得興趣、自己上大學的目標不清楚。第三種的人就是因為技術不夠高,不管申請幾百家公司都拿不到面試邀請或過不了面試。你如果還是拿不到面試或通不了面試,你應該好好的去想你擁有的技術跟公司所要求的技術有沒有對齊。有可能你的技術夠但你看不出來是公司要的那種性格。技術不足應該很快就看得出來。你如果回答不了大部分的面試題目,你應該回家多練習再出場。你如果還是不知道以後想做什麼,你得現在開始探索。開始做成一些專案、去跟附近的實驗室做研究、去加入新的社團、學起新的樂器或新的運動。世界有這麼多的可能,你還在房間裡投訴著幹嘛?你要終身身為個魯瑟嗎?