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Learning Creativity

December 5, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I don’t consider myself a particularly creative person. I prefer to think within the box because it saves me effort and time. Why bother trying hard to solve someone else’s problem when they can just tell me what to do?

But this is a huge problem that has stunted my intellectual development, so I’m going to learn to be creative. Each day, I must force myself to endeavor something creative. One of those daily activities is practicing my Russian. I just started the Duolingo Russian program, and I’m hoping to maintain a good streak of daily practice sessions until I am at least conversational in Russian. I also try each day to write. Writing is an essential skill because communication is important in a world where our individual abilities are limited. There are also so many ways to express the same idea. Another activity I hope to make headway on soon is making video games. I’ve never been able to have a really good idea for a game that isn’t trivial, like rolling a ball around to collect tokens which add up to points. But starting trivial is important for progress, because only by starting can you get anywhere.

I also have a problem with being extremely resistant to learning new programming languages. I love Python for its simplicity and fluidity, which makes me very hesitant to even bother reading code in statically typed languages like Java or C++/C. So, here I am, trying to fight the inertia of eternal mediocrity. I hope you, too, will join me in the fight against stagnation. We as creative, productive human beings can transcend the forces of entropy and achieve greater purpose in life.