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December 4, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I haven’t been able to maintain a strictly consistent writing schedule so far. What I have managed to do so far is quite remarkable, given that I’ve never been as consistent with anything else prior to this. I apologize for the lack of rigor in maintaining my proposed 1 - 2 day release schedule and hope you will stick around for content that I would hope is improving with time.

Our greatest asset is our mind. Our bodies can do whatever we set our minds to do. Fear is good. Fear is necessary. But don’t let fear hold you back. Be afraid, and do it anyway, because only when you are afraid can you be brave.

It’s important to get a change of scenery every so often. Go on vacation to a new country. Move to a new location. Try a new experience. Deviate from your routine. The change will refresh your mind and help you see more clearly.

There are things you can’t control, but you can certainly let go of everything. Let go of others expectations for you. Let go of your mental roadblocks. Let go of your anger and unhappiness. Let go and set yourself free into a state of greater happiness and health.

Recently, I’ve been despairing over the idea that I will never be great at anything. I suppose, deep down, I want to live a life that I will be proud of. I’m not particularly proud of what I think has been exceedingly boring and standard life, and I’m not sure what would make me proud of my life. But I’m determined to jump out of my suburban southern California lifestyle and do something great, because I was put on this earth for a purpose. I intend to achieve that that purpose before I die.

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