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Organizing Travel Plans

November 20, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I’m currently in the process of arranging travel plans for my winter and spring breaks. As much as I don’t want to bother with finding other people to travel with, I know having a traveling companion will make my life better. There are some experiences that I know would be unfortunate to have alone. There are also experiences I can’t be bothered to go have on my own. I’ll come up with all kinds of excuses to not spend money or to not go out when it’s too late or to work on something “productive” or … just not go out.

Part of my motivation for traveling is because other people have said these places look beautiful in these seasons. Another motivation is to see where I’d like to live in the future. The US has been good to me, but I think maintaining a residence abroad would be fun and mentally refreshing. Escapism used to be a motivation, but I am no longer as interested in escaping. I want to stand up to life, grab its collar, and make it do what I want. I’m an unreasonable fool, but I need to shock myself away from complacency.

I experienced a moment of hopelessness recently because I felt like there was no career that really suited me. Being a college student is exceedingly nice because so many things are taken care for me and because I only need worry about my studies. I have so much time to sit back and listen to music, think about my future, watch movies, go out with friends, and have fun. But I can’t stay in this position forever because I need to give back to society. But I feel like there doesn’t exist a position I’d be happy to be in. But perhaps the more fundamental question is around the people I’ll be working with. I think any subject, any project, any experience, no matter how bland it may seem rationally, can be made the best experience because of the people you share it with. But there is also a baseline level of excitement we assign to each category of experiences based on past encounters which helps us filter. My filtering function is too strict on too small a pool of possibility.

I hope that one day I will truly be happy and proud of myself and the life I’ve built. I want to be proud of the people around me as well, because a person’s worth can be judged by the happiness of the people around him. Going forward, I need to continue tempering myself and learning to control myself so that I can truly dedicate myself to the service of the world.

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