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Things to Never Do

November 16, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

Never betray or double-cross or sell out other people. It’s easy to justify doing evil against other people because it’s so easy to think of examples where others have treated you with less than just behavior. But the act of betraying someone is probably so much worse than whatever they have done to you, and it certainly can’t be easy living with the weight of the betrayal. Fighting fire with fire is not the right way to behave. Some fights are not yours to fight. Turn the other cheek and let the other person come to a realization on their own. Separate yourself from them if you have to. A person who is broken can be healed by you, but if you realize you don’t have the ability to help, please entrust them to someone else and pray for them.

Never ever betray someone who has been good to you. Never ever, ever do anything to defame or hurt or demonstrate any kind of ungratefulness towards them. It is rare to find people who will treat you right, so treasure them, please. I don’t want to compare us to animals, but I think sometimes about the ultimate loyalty that dogs demonstrate towards their masters. It’s absolutely heartbreaking for me to think about people’s dogs dying because of the dog’s unconditional love for its owner. Humans sometimes betray their dogs by leaving them behind in emergency situations, but the dog will never forget. The dog will never give up hope that it will see its owner one last time before it dies. The dog will never give up its love for its owner, no matter how many times it changes owners. I’m not saying you should be as a loyal dog to everyone who has treated you well, but I just want you to remember that some things in life are unmistakably beautiful and invaluable.

Never lie. The weight of lies quickly builds up and it’s a disgusting habit to maintain. What is the worst that will happen if you tell the truth? It is better to remain silent than to fabricate a tale to messily cover your tracks. An honest man is a respectable man.

Never threaten or insult or belittle others. The worth and meaning of your words is judged by the receiver. Try to be aware of other people’s feelings and exercise tact. There is no need to crush other people into powder because they believe in something different than you. Even if they are wrong, there is no need to demonstrate your “superiority” by dashing their thinking to bits. Be a decent human being and let others also develop into their potential. The human ego and mind are fragile.

Never lose control of yourself. Don’t fall into addictions; don’t develop bad habits; don’t become a slave; don’t become absolutely independent of others. You are free being. Exercise your will.

Never be unreliable. Unreliable people are absolutely disgusting. I am throwing dirt on myself with this statement, but I absolutely deserve it. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship, and unreliableness is just one of many manifestations of untrustworthiness. Those who are trustworthy have great control over themselves. Seek to rise above your vices.

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