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Music and Attention Span

October 2, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com

I’ve been through many phases with music. At some point, I wanted to be like everybody else and started listening to music while I worked. I tried listening to classical, to instrumental, to jazz, and to pop music, but everything was super distracting. I then tried listening to music while I exercised. That also turned out to be extremely distracting, especially since I would time my movements to the beat of the music. During this time, I joined the Spotify crowd, because I am fully steeped in the world of free everything. I accumulated a large playlist of Chinese pop music and would use the Spotify daily discovery list to augment and filter my preferences. Then that got boring, because Spotify stopped recommending anything interesting. Every artist was the same, and I was tired of listening to the same people.

At some point, I realized that I couldn’t use music in the background. I either had to focus on listening to the song, especially since I like singing along, or just not listen to music. It was hard to break the habit, especially since I had long since coaxed myself into a state of needing constant, high-energy stimulation, but it really paid off. My attention span is still very short, but I find it easier to concentrate now. Cutting the music habit and shutting down notifications on my phone and computer really helped me realized that most of the time, I don’t have anything to do when I open the computer. In fact, I now crave offline experiences and try to read everything in hard copy.

Our brains are malleable, and the constant stimulation of the Internet combined with the pleasure we receive from the pop-ups and moving images of the digital world have trained us to constantly seek new experiences. And now most people are stimulus deprived fools, constantly checking their phones for any new messages or notifications or status posts, hoping to get that extra dopamine rush. This is dangerous, which is why I am slowly retreating from technology and trying to regain my sanity. I hope I will find happiness and truth in this approach.

I am currently looking for a summer 2018 internship. If you like what you see and want to hire me for work, please contact me at ipacifics at gmail dot com. I work in Python on machine learning and data analysis projects and can help you with digital marketing, getting set up on Amazon Marketplace or FBA, web scraping, etc. To see more, visit my website.

我最近愛聽這一個 Youtube 播放列表休息。不知為什麼,蘇打鹿跟林宥嘉的歌詞跟旋律都讓我覺得很感動,尤其這首歌。我沒有失戀過可是歌詞把劇情描寫的很清楚,林宥嘉的口吻也包含很深的感情,真是讓你懷念過往。

我以前喜歡的五月天現在聽膩了。我好像每幾個月就會這轉方向,去尋找新的經驗,新的感覺。你如果有音樂推薦,請你給我送個電郵:ipacifics [at] gmail [dot] com.