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Lights and New Photos

September 30, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com
Twitter: @xdrtxrdt

Two days ago, I uploaded some pictures of the Techcrunch brochure and some pictures of house designs I created during my internship. The house designs I hope to put on Sketchup, so I can work through the kinks and details of what I would like to see each day I wake up and come home. Within the house design photos is a sketch of a new kind of built-in light I think would be very sleek.

This is the light I’m currently using: http://www.koncept.com/Z-Bar

Here are some problems I have with lights. Most of these note apply to desk lamps: Lights that shine down from the ceiling onto your workspace can generate a lot of heat. It can be tricky to adjust the angle of the lamp to shine just how you want onto the desk surface. I sometimes move my head in just the wrong direction and end up looking directly at the light source. Glare and other unfocused light beams hurt my eyes and are distracting. They take up too much space.

So, my idea was to create a bar of light that would be installed into the wall or solid vertical structure just behind your desk. There would be a recess into your wall that would have lights embedded into the upper surface. Below is a quick, sideways schematic that should explain what I mean.

Photo here

Now that the lights are in this small recess, you won’t ever look directly into them. Next, there should be some kind of way to exactly angle the lights to shine onto your desk. Mirrors, paneling, etc., whatever works. Of course, these lights should have a sliding brightness control bar. One huge limitation of this design is the lack of mobility. Most lamps are rather easy to move, but this one you’ve really got to commit to before you start hacking away at your wall. But I think this could be a pretty slick way of light up your workspace, or maybe people will use it for their kitchens, bars, TV rooms, etc. Or maybe I’m just ignorant and haven’t realized that the world already has exactly what I’m looking for. In which case, send me the link so I can go think about other things.

The word “sure” really sets me on edge. I associate with “sure” a derogatory or patronizing tone, because I’ve mostly seen it used in a kind of sarcastic or demeaning sense. For example: “Sure, we can definitely leave this to you.”

Other times, someone’s superior will say “sure” in response to some request. Typically this sure is overlaid with some overly nice tone that goes up to a super high pitch.

When people say “Sure, I’d be happy to do that”, I always feel like they’re only half committing. Why not say “Yes, I’d be happy to do that”. Why do you need to provide the extra surety of “Sure” if not just to add an extra layer of protection against your word?

“Sure” is a bothersome word. Except when I use it as “for sure”. Maybe not.


我最近又開始申請暑期實習了,真是累。每一個公司的申請表都不一樣。有些公司需要特別的帳戶,誰記得了那麼多密碼。有些申請表需要你把履歷上的一切抄上表。有些公司的網站非常差,載的很慢,或是 UI 很難弄,讓你煩到不想申請。哎,只希望這斷後可以找到值得我的時間的經驗。