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Executive Leadership

September 27, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com
Twitter: @xdrtxrdt

s the first meeting for the Caltech Student Investment Fund 2017 - 2018 executive board members. We laid out our meeting schedule for the year and discussed our plan for making this year better than the last. We were quite ambitious last year, and launched a variety of initiatives that largely ended up half-baked due to lack of time and interest. Some useful relics remain, like our new website and the series of slides on investing that I created. I also invited a bunch of speakers to help supplement our weekly discussions, which drew quite a bit of interest, especially from new members.

This year, we plan to continue with our speaker series and to reestablish our industry connections. We will reach out to DFA, Western Asset, and PIMCO for company visits and other connections for speakers. It is our responsibility to educate and support our members, and making sure they know where to look for jobs is extremely important. We still haven’t solved the education problem, but I’m sure we’ll find some way to make the meetings useful and worthwhile for everyone who attends.

Frequent communication is extremely important. I recommend biweekly or monthly meetings for executive teams, because that’s enough time for serious progress to be made on high-level objectives and frequent enough to pivot if things start heading south. We neglected to maintain a consistent schedule last year, which is partly why our operations unraveled. A new year brings new resolve, though common sense says that enthusiasm isn’t enough to carry the tide. Dedication and process are also important to establishing lasting habits. And I believe habits are the best force to fight against our inclinations to procrastinate, be late, flake, and demonstrate irresponsibility.

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