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Hustling and Businesses of Love

September 6, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com
Twitter: @xdrtxrdt

The loudest, most flashy people aren’t necessarily the most important. Silicon Valley is a huge bubble that has perpetuated this idea of endless novelty and unbounded ambition. Any business that doesn’t seek to DOMINATE the market and eventually the world or want to CAPTURE its customers is not worthy of the ultimate honor that could be bestowed on a new venture: VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDING. Read DHH’s post for more details.

Tim Ferriss is a celebrity in the job hacking world. Desperate people all over keep looking to his 4-Hour Workweek as the Holy Grail of escaping the “rat race”. What they don’t understand is that Tim is playing on his strengths and preferences. He has a real knack for self-marketing, and he loves it so much that he probably works 100-hour weeks. Anything worth going after in life is going to require hard work. Whether the hours you put in feel like hard work is another question. That’s where The Book of Life comes in. The Book of Life is an online book written by The School of Life, an organization dedicated to helping people develop emotional intelligence. The very first chapter of The Book of Life talks about building businesses for love or businesses for practicality. They are fighting against the flashy Silicon Valley mantra of “eat the world”. Remember that most companies will never break $1 billion valuations. The corner store, your favorite neighborhood pizza shop, the local bakery, are probably never going to get to $1 mil in revenue. But why does that matter? Isn’t your life better off for these businesses? Don’t you love going into these small, family-owned stores and saying hi to the owner? Don’t you like being welcomed by a community that knows, acknowledges, loves, and takes care of you?

Maybe I sound wishy-washy, but I am in the middle of shedding my worldly skin and trying to rediscover my purpose. If I veer too far off the “rational”* course into the world of love and passion, so be it. Maybe that’s where the more meaningful life comes from.

*How can we possibly be rational? Emotion guides and flavours our every decision. There is some research about a man who had a part of his brain damaged and could not longer feel emotion. He was completely rational. What is fascinating about his post-injury life is that he could not make any decisions. All the options were equivalent, so there was no marginal utility to choosing Cocoa Puffs over Frosted Flakes. I’m glossing over this very quickly, but understand that we need emotions to be human. Don’t let the superficial veneer of social media and the Internet wash away your sense of self and turn you into an antisocial zombie.

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我的 Spotify 播放列表大部分是華語歌,有幾首是饒舌歌。我本來對饒舌歌很有興趣,因為在短短的幾分鐘內就可以學到幾十個字。我的聽力和說話速度也可以加快。但我聽了幾首後就找不到我喜歡的那種風格和劇情的歌了。所以我現在就只好按重播,在聽幾十次。

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