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The Mad Scramble for Your Attention

September 4, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com
Twitter: @xdrtxrdt

Hello everybody. I’m currently working on two initiatives that would really appreciate your support. Please check out our FB pages:

Oakie & Vine: Wooden whiskey tumblers for the whiskey connoisseur

Kanberra Gel Japan: All natural, tea-tree oil air purifiers. This stuff really works for getting rid of all odors, protecting against mildew, mold, fungus, etc. and for cleaning surfaces. Check it out today!

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the two companies. You can contact me through email (ipacifics at gmail.com) or directly on the page. I’m also interested in hearing from people with Photoshop or other photo editing experience.

The Internet is one massive attention farm. Everything about the ad-revenue model is focused on grabbing as many eyes for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter if the content is complete trash (hello clickbait) if lots of people look at it and click on it to see what’s behind the curtain. That’s why the Internet has pushed the limits of what people consider unsavory content. People are most likely to do a double take and want to learn more about salacious, violent, or otherwise unusual content, and that is what fills our daily feeds. (The adjective choice in the previous sentence was rather poor, and indicates a clear bias against the cute bunny photos people are also addicted to. Also add the weird ads with a hand-drawn banana turning different shades of ripe and the ads saying “Doctors hate him for X” and the ads saying “You Won’t Believe What This Website Has On You”.) The more we expose ourselves to these items, the more desensitized we become to their existence. We need more triggering, more stimulating posts to give us those dopamine surges we crave about 20,000 times a day.

The subscription model can help fix some of the nonsense by creating special-interest regions of the internet. People will gladly pay for high-quality, curated content. They will not pay for high-quality content mixed in with 10x as much crap. Ben Thompson explains this point well. He also has a nice piece on why ad networks incentivize the creation of bad websites.



我以前以為最成長的人就是最獨立的。他什麼都可以做,完全不用依賴人家,人家也不用依賴他。他就是這樣過獨自悠哉的生活。我從青少年時就開始跟這個信念掙扎。我還是認為需要幫忙的人比較弱,但是那些友情最強的人是最高興的(交友最大的人並不止友情很深)。 而我者個總是帶著一副臭臉的傢伙每天都覺得很沮喪。我開始大學以後才認真的考慮我的作為,我的價值關。我還在因為這而掙扎,每天的情緒還是像海朗一樣,有時高有時低 (Life’s a Struggle)。但我一定不會放棄,我只有一個生命,一定要活出最好,最有意義的生命。

如果對我的寫作有興趣,可以在此稿上留言,或給我送電郵: ipacifics @ gmail.com

我現在開發兩家公司,你可以參觀一下我們的 FB Page:

Kanberra Gel Japan: 這是天然無化學物的空氣爭化器。我們今年五月終於在 Amazon JP 上開了店。你可以在我們的 FB 上跟我們聯絡或訂購我們的產品。我們有賣兩種東西,一個是凝膠,可以放在臥室,浴室,車裡,辦公室裡用來除臭,清除菌類,殺菌,還有防蚊子。兩一種是噴霧,可以帶在皮包或書包裡,隨時拿來整理頭髮,除臭,或清潔。 https://www.facebook.com/KanberraJapan/

Oakie & Vine: 對威士忌酒有興趣的人會很喜歡我們的新酒杯。這酒杯是用項目做成的,可以提高你喝究的經驗。你可以在 FB 上預購,今年 12 月 15 日會收到!我們肯定沒辦法寄送到亞洲的顧客,但在美國的朋友可以買來送禮物! https://www.facebook.com/oakie.vine/