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Political Correctness

August 31, 2017

Author: Bianca Yang
Email: ipacifics@gmail.com
Twitter: @xdrtxrdt

Today, I expanded my mind a little by reading Paul Graham’s piece on taboos. I’ve never been a fan of political correctness, especially since I likely hold conservative views that the liberals I am surrounded by in California would try to take a torch to if I ever voiced them (perhaps this is just a manifestation of my cowardice). A tolerant society cannot tolerate intolerance, but the tolerant society we are currently building is completely intolerant of any conservative ideas that even graze on ideas of gender differences, racial differences, income equality, etc. People like James Damore, who present their views without trying to incite a violent debate, are ostracized by their companies and peers for presenting opinions that could “hurt someone’s feelings”.

Feelings are very real and should be given their space to be expressed in, but let’s not jump the gun and say that people should always strive to exist in an echo chamber of rainbows and and happiness. We should be real and genuine and allow ourselves to struggle with the pain and discomfort that comes with challenging our views. We cannot pretend that by isolating people with dissenting views that they will just disappear under the extreme social pressure to conform. They will not conform. They will brew and grow and feed upon their displeasure with society until they grow powerful enough to brainwash their believers into taking over the world. But they aren’t the only radicals in society. Those who preach and proclaim social justice and equal rights and shared humanity and trample those who believe otherwise are also radicals. Anyone who cannot listen to someone who has opposing views without wanting to raise a protest or physical harm or silence the speaker needs to temper themselves.

Daryl Davis is a man who is practicing what I think is a great way to break down the strict, destructive barrier we have erected between the opinion conformists and non-conformists. This barrier leaves violence as the major resolving medium, as we have seen in recent protests across the country. We must reach across these barriers with our hearts, because beliefs are hard to challenge with reason.

Beliefs are part of our identity. That’s why attacking someone’s beliefs about God or about gender roles or about tax policy is like attacking them directly. People get defensive when you challenge their beliefs because if they change their beliefs, they feel they will have to change their entire lifestyle. Once people get defensive, every subsequence action they take will be focused on deflecting pain. That is why we must make ourselves vulnerable when we seek to change others beliefs and hearts. We must show them that we care and invite them to also engage in an intimate mingling of the hearts. We must remember that most people just want to belong somewhere. If we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, belonging is in the middle of the triangle. But I think most people who have achieved the bottom two layers of safety and physiological needs have skipped over belonging in their quest to achieve self-actualization and esteem needs. So many people, especially young people, feel lonely, even though they are surrounded by social media which leaves their friends away at a click. So many people neglect their family and friends to go pursue a job with higher pay, better growth prospects, more prestige. So many people have been sucked into the whirlpool of ambition and have no community to go back to when they fall on hard times.

So, if you are going to become an agent of change in human history, you must remember to reach out through the heart. Inspire by motivating through interests. Inspire by demonstrating the tolerance that “tolerant liberals” proclaim to support. Challenge directly, challenge with love.

I apologize if my post here was confusing. My thoughts on this topic aren’t clear, but my feelings are, and trying to describe my intuition is difficult.

Please leave respectful comments. I appreciate any comments that challenge my views. I also appreciate any comments regarding writing style. If you want to speak to me more privately regarding my statements, you can find my contact information on my website

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